The sudden outburst of a global pandemic the previous year turned the world upside down. It caged people inside their homes. Every sector got awfully affected by the pandemic. Organizations embraced work from home with challenges and solutions going hand in hand. When talking about recruitment, the complete hiring process…

Healthcare is complicated and has multifarious aspects such as people, medicines, equipment, and devices. It has multiple challenges such as coordinated inputs and care by diverse experts, difficulty in processing payments, quality and safety of drugs, and so on. Blockchain for healthcare technology can help address some of these challenges.

A panic-stricken workforce, as the world braces the COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, is being strongly felt. Leaders worry about business continuity plans, making remote work possible, treading regulations on safety, employee welfare and reputation at the same time.

Employees worry for their immediate families, aging parents, children and friends —…

Harbinger Systems

Harbinger Systems is a global company providing software technology services for independent software vendors and enterprises.

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